Welcome to Place of Rescue

Place of Rescue is a safe haven for families living with AIDS, orphan children and orphan grannies and young unmarried pregnant women.



Rescue was founded as a Cambodian NGO in 2003. At that time all we had were 15 houses for AIDS families.


Today Place of Rescue I near Bek Chan is home to 220 orphans and 25 destitute elderly women. In addition, we have 48 more children who are part of 22 families ( 22 mothers and 3 fathers ) living with AIDS.


In Phnom Penh 28 young people make their home at House of New Dreams, 15 are in university, 13 in grade 12. 


Place of Rescue II located in Mongkol Borey, in northern Cambodia is home to 131 orphans.


In the province of Pailin, bordering Thailand, there are 45 children at Place of Rescue III.


As of April 2014, that makes Rescue totally responsible for 522 people cared for by a staff of more than 100 people.


NEW CHILDREN’S BOOK: SAME SAME but DIFFERENT Named after the celebrated Country Music singer Paul Brandt, little Paul, who has AIDS, is growing up gently cared for and greatly loved at Place of  Rescue.  This is his story as told by Paul Brandt to his young son, Joe.  Get your copy by contacting Blaine Sylvester at placeofrescue@shaw.ca.

How many kramas did you see in the book? There are 23 kramas

Current Prayer Requests

Praise and Prayer for July 2014



Praise the Lord:


1.  Vidya, is our only English teacher now.  Praise God for her faithfulness and love for the children.


2.  The young student who had so much trouble stealing is doing much better.


3.  We have 2 darling preemie babies, a boy and a girl.  Both are doing well.


4.  One young woman is about to have a baby.  After this, we have decided to discontinue receiving pregnant women because there are other good organizations in Phnom Penh doing this now.


5.  The new AIDS family we received a few months ago is doing well.


6.  Place of Rescue II in Mongkol Borey received a little girl whose health was so fragile they wondered if she would live but she is doing well now.


7.  Almost all of our children, AIDS patients and grannies are now sponsored.


Please help us pray:


1.  Continued good health for the preemie babies and strength, wisdom and joy for Phalla, their caregiver in the hospital.  When the babies weigh 2 kilos they can come home.  The little girl weighed 1.1 kilos at birth June 20.


2.  Nearly 50 Canadians will be here July 25 – August 8.  They will hold an English camp at Place of Rescue I.  Pray for teachers and students that it will be a profitable time for all.  Pray for protection, health, wisdom and that all will be drawn closer to Jesus because of this visit.  Besides the camp they will get to see a lot of Cambodia.  May they leave with their hearts touched for the needs of this land.


3.  Marie will soon be 80 so her duties continue to be transferred to Cambodian staff.  This month all responsibilities for the “goodies” from Canada will be taken over.   This includes sorting, and distributing everything, preparing the birthday bags and filling them with suitable things for all the children.  Saving Christmas gifts and assigning them.  Pray that there will be good understanding and that the job will be easily done.


4.  July 15 – 17 Rescue will be holding a staff retreat at a Hotel in Pailin.  May this be a significant event.  May all our hearts be touched and changed as the Lord speaks to us.  Pray that the Rescue Committee will be aware of any problems or needs, know God’s will and have wisdom from Him in decision making.


5. Samnang who helped teach and supervise our last dance tour, has been hired as a full time staff member.   Pray for him as he learns to do his job.


6. We plan to take little Samnang to Bangkok to have her eyes operated on next week.  At the same time Marie will have a complete physical check-up.


7.  Many things are not covered by sponsorship so we continually depend on the Lord to provide all the funds we need.


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