Welcome to Place of Rescue


Place of Rescue is a safe haven for families living with AIDS, orphan children and orphan grannies and young unmarried pregnant women.



Rescue was founded as a Cambodian NGO in 2003. At that time all we had were 15 houses for AIDS families.


Today Place of Rescue I near Bek Chan is home to 220 orphans and 25 destitute elderly women. In addition, we have 48 more children who are part of 22 families ( 22 mothers and 3 fathers ) living with AIDS.


In Phnom Penh 28 young people make their home at House of New Dreams, 15 are in university, 13 in grade 12. 


Place of Rescue II located in Mongkol Borey, in northern Cambodia is home to 131 orphans.


In the province of Pailin, bordering Thailand, there are 45 children at Place of Rescue III.


As of April 2014, that makes Rescue totally responsible for 522 people cared for by a staff of more than 100 people.


Current Prayer Requests

June Praise and Prayer


Praise the Lord:



1. We were able to hire some new staff members recently.


2. Some new Grannies joined us.


3. In general everyone’s health has been good.


4. All the top leadership from all three orphanages joined in a leadership retreat in May.  It was a wonderful time of fellowship and refreshing.


5. We are grateful to James Krahn from Canada for spending a couple of months teaching English.



Pray with us


1. We would like to build a high school for our students in grades 7 to 12.  Pray that everything will fall into place: government permission, funding, capable builders and good dedicated teachers.


2. Every once in a while we have a theft at Place of Rescue I.  Pray that the thieves will be identify and change.


3. In all three orphanages 12 students need to pass their grade 12 exams this year.  Please pray for guidance as they study and for good success.


4. Many of our high school kids have dropped out and are taking skills training.  Pray for them during this transition time.


5. The devalued Canadian dollar and funding continues to be a subject for prayer.